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Cancer – Symptoms and Signs

For the past century mankind have faced a new challenging issue, a new severe disease the name of which is cancer. In the past decades, people hardly knew how to defeat such a strong illness, which continue taking away the lives of old and young. Nevertheless, scientists and doctors all over the world have been trying hard in order to find the cure from cancer and they’ve already reached some good results. Cancer is now not a death sentence, it can be and should be cured, especially in the early stages!
On our website, you will find some important information about cancer types and cancer symptoms.

Such severe illness as cancer can strike every organ in a body, that is why we can specify: stomach, bowel, esophageal, colon, bladder cancer, as well as cancer of kidneys, liver, bones, and mouth, tongue, throat, thyroid cancer, testicular and uterine cancer, and melanoma.

It is good to remember that symptoms can be general and relate to other illnesses, not particularly to cancer, nevertheless there are some remarkable signs which signalize about cancer disease. If you experienced the following symptoms, don’t hesitate to consult your physician, who will thoroughly examine you and advice to pass all necessary tests in order to find out the real cause of your inconveniences.

If you are experiencing inflating, stomach ache, nausea or vomiting, boiling down problems these can be stomach cancer or gastric cancer symptoms which can develop in any part of stomach and extend to a gullet, lungs, lymph knots, liver, etc. Interesting that cancer of stomach is more common for Japan, Chile and Iceland. More often it strikes people of African origin, especially men rather than women.
Bladder cancer can be characterized by hematuria (blood in urine of pink, brown or red shade), painful and frequent urination. In order to diagnose bladder cancer, urinalysis and test culture urine should be made.
Blood in urine can be also sign of a kidney cancer, but in this type of cancer, patient is also experiencing back pain, unreasonable weight loss, unstable fevers and night sweats which are not connected with flue.
The signs of bowel cancer can be: blood in the excrement, diarrhea, constipation, disorder of stool for more than several days, anemia, discomfort in stomach and bowel.
Rectal bleeding, constipation, narrowing of the stool, stomach cramps, vomiting, nausea, and unexplained weight loss can signalize about the cancer in colon.
For esophageal cancer most remarkable symptoms are swallowing problems, pain in breasts and weight loss.
Some of cancer symptoms are observed more often in women rather than men. These symptoms are connected with the liver cancer and are specified by: appetite shortage, weight reduction, stomach spasm, weakness, anemia, etc. Women tend to ignore such pains or inconveniencies, because they think such signs are connected with PMS or other disorders.

Remember, cancer can be cured, especially, if it is diagnosed in the early stages. Some cancer symptoms can resemble other diseases, but in any case it is better to pass all tests in order to find out what is wrong. Be attentive, be conscientious and take care of your health!!!

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